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King Gyanendra assumes executive powers

Links to the news and comments from the Nepali press

See royal address of October 4, 2002

See also collection of links from the international press by Newslook Magazine

We have decided to stop this special collection on the royal takeover and its aftermath at the end of 2002 since neither the king nor the political parties nor the illegitimate government are willing or able to find a solution in the foreseeable future. Beginning with January 1, 2003, the evaluated links are again sorted into the original folders, e.g. "monarchy", "government", "NC", "UML", "RPP", "constitution", etc.

Power and politics, by Puran P. Bista (Kathmandu Post, 31/12/2002), Tricky solution (Himalayan Times, 31/12/2002)

Pun’s prescriptions: Stop calling ‘em terrorists, withdraw alert (Himalayan Times, 30/12/2002), Mixed reaction to move to fete King (Himalayan Times, 30/12/2002)

Bandh aim is to spoil King’s day, by Ishwor Khanal (Himalayan Times, 29/12/2002), What happened to statute? Experts have many answers (Himalayan Times, 29/12/2002), PM consulting parties for all-party meet: Minister Ojha (Space Time Today, 29/12/2002), Acharya lambasts government (Space Time Today, 29/12/2002), NC (Democratic) announces peace rallies (Space Time Today, 29/12/2002)

King cannot go against people’s wish: Koirala, by Binod Bhandari & Bhim Ghimire (Kathmandu Post, 28/12/2002), Minister Sharma turns ire on NC, UML (Kathmandu Post, 28/12/2002), Govt still not able to accomplish the ‘task' (Himalayan Times, 28/12/2002), Statute supreme, says Koirala (Himalayan Times, 28/12/2002), Polarisation in politics will make losers of us all, by Sanjeev Ghimire (Space Time Today, 28/12/2002)

“I will work to bridge the gap between the king and the parties”, interview with Pashupati Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana (Nepali Times, 27/12/2002), Only solution: constituent assembly, by Krishna Khanal (originally published in Jana Ekata, 23/12/2002) (Nepali Times, 27/12/2002)

King blamed for split in political parties (Kathmandu Post, 26/12/2002), Government and political parties: Challenges and opportunities, by Krishna Raj Regmi (Space Time Today, 26/12/2002), Neither side willing to go the extra mile, by Sagun S Lawoti (Himalayan Times, 26/12/2002), NC accuses King of weakening democracy (Himalayan Times, 26/12/2002), Signature campaign against royal move (Himalayan Times, 26/12/2002), Biratnagar civic reception: Virtual referendum (People's Revue, 26/12/2002), No going back (People's Review, 26/12/2002), Government of the crooks, by the crooks for the crooks! by I.K. Pradhan (People's Review, 26/12/2002)

73 pc Nepalis favour multi-party democracy: Study (Kathmandu Post, 25/12/2002), People want cleansed democracy: Report (Himalayan Times, 25/12/2002), Minister urges parties for deliberations on royal move (Kathmandu Post, 25/12/2002), Consensus must to safeguard democracy (Himalayan Times, 25/12/2002), The Monarch's dilemma, by Bihari Krishna Shrestha (Himalayan Times, 25/12/2002), Confusion unabated (Space Time Today, 25/12/2002), Minister Pun calls for consensus to end crisis (Rising Nepal, 25/12/2002), 'Civic reception to bring King closer to people' (Rising Nepal, 25/12/2002), King set for more change? (Telegraph, 25/12/2002), UML shelves the idea of a confrontation with the King! (Telegraph, 25/12/2002), Killing two birds with one stone: RPP wishes a "more influential monarch" (Telegraph, 25/12/2002)

Phase-wise polls can be conducted: Chand: ‘Arms delivery Belgium’s responsibility’ (Kathmandu Post, 24/12/2002), King trying for unhealthy competition with parties, says Gautam (Kathmandu Post, 24/12/2002), Citizens urged to felicitate King (Himalayan Times, 24/12/2002), Political deadlock: Need for an unequivocal political voice, by Pranav Bhattarai (Space Time Today, 24/12/2002), 'Govt holds constitutional power' (Rising Nepal, 24/12/2002)

Article 128 is dead: Home Minister Thapa (Kathmandu Post, 23/12/2002), Alliance for united movement against royal move sans Deuba (Kathmandu Post, 23/12/2002), Framework for national security council, by Madhukar SJB Rana (Kathmandu Post, 23/12/2002), Leaders urge ‘unity of constitutional forces’ (Space Time Today, 23/12/2002)

United we stand, divided we fall, by Vijaya Rana (Kathmandu Post, 22/12/2002), Mainali criticises royal move and parties (Space Time Today, 22/12/2002), Leaders express mixed reactions on current political crisis (Space Time Today, 22/12/2002)

NC rally on January 5 to protest against royal move (Kathmandu Post, 21/12/2002), Political parties blamed for present situation (Kathmandu Post, 21/12/2002), Inclusive meeting can solve present political crisis: Experts (Space Time Today, 21/12/2002)

Convention to focus against royal move: UML general convention from Feb 1 in Janakpur (Kathmandu Post, 20/12/2002), Peace, Security And Polls: Government's Priority, by Prem N. Kakkar (Rising Nepal, 20/12/2002), Confrontational Course, by Keshab Poudel (Spotlight, 20/12/2002), Split personalities: Image makeovers seem to be underway, by Puskar Bhusal (Nepali Times, 20/12/2002)

Make army accountable to parliament, says Koirala, by Chintamani Dahal (Kathmandu Post, 19/12/2002), RPP central committee backs Chand Govt (Kathmandu Post, 19/12/2002), RPP working to harmonise political response to king’s move (Space Time Today, 19/12/2002), UML to boycott felicitation of King (Himalayan Times, 19/12/2002), Parties demonstrate for, against, but what next?, by PR Pradhan (People's Review, 19/12/2002), Civic Reception: Building a link between people and monarch (People's Review, 19/12/2002), Correct the wrongs from right, by Bishal B. Shah (People's Review, 19/12/2002), Royal address corresponds to country's interests: Pun (People's Review, 19/12/2002), Nation in distress (People's Review, 19/12/2002), Ailing national polity needs drastic surgery plan, by I.K. Pradhan (People's Review, 19/12/2002), There is no room to blame the King, interview with Yadav Khanal (People's Review, 19/12/2002)

Stand off between king, parties ‘dangerous’, warns Speaker (Kathmandu Post, 18/12/2002), RPP to strive for bridging gap between king, parties: Rana (Kathmandu Post, 18/12/2002), RPP chairman aims to bridge rift between parties and king (Space Time Today, 18/12/2002), Revive the Parliament (Kathmandu Post, 18/12/2002), NC (D) leaders call for street protests (Himalayan Times, 18/12/2002), Political crisis and alternatives, by Vijaya Chalise (Himalayan Times, 18/12/2002), Khapangi comes up with controversial remark (Space Time Today, 18/12/2002), Reconciliation between palace and political parties: Key to solution of the present impasse, by Narad Bharadwaj (Space Time Today, 18/12/2002), Only King can end confusion! (Telegraph, 18/12/2002), Neither it is a warning nor a challenge to the monarch says Madhav Nepal (Telegraph, 18/12/2002), Message is clear: Perform Folks (Telegraph, 18/12/2202), I would agree with Huntington’s presumption that there will be a struggle over the biggest question of all: who are we ?, interview with Yub Raj Koirala (Telegraph, 18/12/2002)

Mask rally held to protest royal move (Kathmandu Post, 17/12/2002), People’s Front holds nation-wide rallies (Kathmandu Post, 17/12/2002), Chand's somersault, by Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay (Himalayan Times, 17/12/2002), Awareness campaign successful : UML (Space Time Today, 17/12/2002), Constituent Assembly: Define it clearly to the people first, by Chiranjibi Kafle (Space Time Today, 17/12/2002)

CPN-UML raises bugle of war against king, by Ghanashyam Ojha (Kathmandu Post, 16/12/2002), Post Pokhara (Kathmandu Post, 16/12/2002), Drama in the time of crises, by Damakant Jayshi (Kathmandu Post, 16/12/2002), King’s move : Timely (Kathmandu Post, 16/12/2002), UML threatens an agitation (Himalayan Times, 16/12/2002), Only King has right to Shree Panch title, say lawyers (Himalayan Times, 16/12/2002), Do not underestimate people’s rights, UML warns, by Mohan Babu Khadka (Space Time Today, 16/12/2002), American dreams: Home thoughts from safety and comfort abroad, by M R Josse (Space Time Today, 16/12/2002), Conundrum called constitution, by Nabin Rawal (Space Time Today, 16/12/2002)

Polls possible within six months: PM Chand (Kathmandu Post, 15/12/2002), King urged to rectify ‘constitutional errors’ (Kathmandu Post, 15/12/2002), Govt not to remove terrorist tag, says PM (Space Time Today, 15/12/2002)

RPP adopts ‘middle-way’ on king’s role in politics: Leadership election today, by Yuvraj Acharya and Amrit Bhadgaule (Kathmandu Post, 14/12/2002), King grants audience to Nepal (Kathmandu Post, 14/12/2002), Tarun Dal to take to street in ‘scare-crow march’ (Kathmandu Post, 14/12/2002), Rise to the occasion (Kathmandu Post, 14/12/2002), Royal palace to manage Hanumandhoka, by Razen Manandhar (Himalayan Times, 14/12/2002), Whistle rally against royal steps (Himalayan Times, 14/12/2002), Reinstate House, demand NC parliamentarians (Himalayan Times, 14/12/2002), Only political parties can rule: Nepal (Himalayan Times, 14/12/2002), Govt to jail bigger corrupt leaders (Space Time Today, 14/12/2002)

HM grants audience to Koirala (Kathmandu Post, 13/12/2002), Thapa urges king, parties work together, by Yuvraj Acharya and Kulchandra Neupane (Kathmandu Post, 13/12/2002), Remedy for all ills, by Vijay B. Kumar (Kathmandu Post, 13/12/2002), Political parties and the country: Their lack of unity has adversely affected the country, by Ram Bahadur KC (Space Time Today, 13/12/2002), Deepening Crisis, by Keshab Poudel (Spotlight, 13/12/2002)

Parties need soul searching, by Pradeep Silwal (Kathmandu Post, 12/12/2002), Protest against Royal ordinance (Himalayan Times, 12/12/2002), Leaders fail to agree on common strategy (Space Time Today, 12/12/2002), Keep it temporary (Space Time Today, 12/12/2002), King concerned at government's performance, issues directives (People's Revew, 12/12/2002), Constituent assembly is a grand design of India, by M.R.Josse (People's Review, 12/12/2002), Don't believe the newspapers!, by M.R. Josse (People's Review, 12/12/2002), Thieves cry louder, by PR Pradhan (People's Review, 12/12/2002), Conspiratorial polity cannot disrupt national unity, by I.K. Pradhan (People's Review, 12/12/2002), Constituent assembly or referendum?, by VijayB. Kunwar (People's Review, 12/12/2002), PR not following journalism norms, letter by Nepali Congress central office (People's Review, 12/12/2002)

Parties bent on agitational mode: Insist on correction in constitutional process, by Damaru Lal Bhandari (Kathmandu Post, 11/12/2002), Twice bitten, twice shy, by Damaru Lal Bhandari (Kathmandu Post, 11/12/2002), Onslaught of the inconsistent– and the non-performing, by Beena Kharel (Kathmandu Post, 11/12/2002), Why revive parliament?, by Satya (Kathmandu Post, 11/12/2002), The only passage, by Sanjeev Pokharel (Kathmandu Post, 11/12/2002), Consensus on safeguarding statute (Himalayan Times, 11/12/2002), PM justifies ordinance on Palace (Himalayan Times, 11/12/2002), No alternative to democracy: Activists (Himalayan Times, 11/12/2002), April fools (Himalayan Times, 11/12/2002), Parties agree to intensify peaceful protests (Space Time Today, 11/12/2002), ‘Agree to constituent assembly’ (Space Time Today, 11/12/2002), Nothing done against constitution: PM (Rising Nepal, 11/12/2002)

Parties to draw up common strategy today (Kathmandu Post, 10/12/2002), UML youth wing holds protest rally (Kathmandu Post, 10/12/2002), Democracy is the ‘Only Hope’ (Kathmandu Post, 10/12/2002)

His Majesty’s informal ‘dos’ and don’ts’ for the ministers (Kathmandu Post, 09/12/2002), No truck with Maoists, retaliates CPN-UML (Kathmandu Post, 09/12/2002), NC bungled during 1990 movement, admits Acharya (Kathmandu Post, 09/12/2002), King warned to right the wrong (Himalayan Times, 09/12/2002), Again, party leaders call for consensus (Himalayan Times, 09/12/2002), Debate on constituent assembly, by Krishna Khanal (Himalayan Times, 09/12/2002), Royal Expenditure (Space Time Today, 09/12/2002)

Parties for joint action against royal move (Kathmandu Post, 08/12/2002), Koirala sole responsible for present crisis: Minister (Kathmandu Post, 08/12/2002), ‘Restore multi-party system’ (Kathmandu Post, 08/12/2002), King serious on guarding statute, says Minister (Himalayan Times, 08/12/2002), Six -party meet today to keep up pressure on the King (Himalayan Times, 08/12/2002), Parties united to safeguard democracy (Space Time Today, 08/12/2002), ‘NC sans ideals and principles’ (Space Time Today, 08/12/2002)

Monarchy, active politics cannot go together: Nepal (Kathmandu Post, 07/12/2002), NC(D) wants Deuba Govt restored (Kathmandu Post, 07/12/2002), UML rally against royal move (Kathmandu Post, 07/12/2002), Promulgation of ordinances slammed (Kathmandu Post, 07/12/2002), Relevance of the Constitution (se also part 2), by Sagar SJB Rana (Kathmandu Post, 07-08/12/2002), Deuba barking up the wrong tree (Himalayan Times, 07/12/2002), Congress has no objection to call for constituent assembly: Poudel (Kathmandu Post, 07/12/2002), Leaders urge common agenda among parties (Himalayan Times, 07/12/2002), Oli accuses govt of surrendering democracy (Space Time Today, 07/12/2002)

NC (D) urges King to reverse proclamation (Kathmandu Post, 06/12/2002), Why not a constituent assembly?, by Prakash Dahal (Himalayan Times, 06/12/2002), Confrontation And Confusion, by Keshab Poudel (Spotlight, 06/12/2002), Because The Big Parties Are Out Of The Govt., The Sinking Ship Has Been Saved’, interview with Kuber Sharma, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation (Spotlight, 06/12/2002), Ire alarm, by Puskar Bhusal (Nepali Times, 06/12/2002)

UML leader to kick start agitation by ringing bells (Kathmandu Post, 05/12/2002), Common minimum agreement among parites vital to protect democracy: Deuba (Kathmandu Post, 05/12/2002), Will Bishwo Nathji and others listen ?, by Shreedhar Gautam (Kathmandu Post, 05/12/2002), Let demand of time rule, by Anjali Subedi (Kathmandu Post, 05/12/2002), Parliament at stake : Who is responsible ?, by Dhruva Joshy (Kathmandu Post, 05/12/2002), Withdrawal of King’s move only way out: Deuba (Himalayan Times, 05/12/2002), UML protest plan on 15 (Himalayan Times, 05/12/2002), Acrimony mounts as Mandal accuses parties of malice (Space Time Today, 05/12/2002), Mass meet crucial for NC (D) progress: Deuba (Space Time Today, 05/12/2002), Constitution: Neither suspended nor failed, by PR Pradhan (People's Review, 05/12/2002), No light at the end of the tunnel, by M.R. Josse (People's Review, 05/12/2002), King's moves set off chain reaction, by Yadav Khanal (People's Review, 05/12/2002), Stand off in UML is responsible for present situation, by Naresh Sampati Shakya (People's Review, 05/12/2002), Murky politicos against nation, people and King, by I.K. Pradhan (People's Review, 05/12/2002), Present conflict is not devised by King, but by politicos, interview with Gopal Sharma (People's Review, 05/12/2002)

NC to hold more protests against king’s move (Kathmandu Post, 04/12/2002), Ignoring the indispensable election, by Raman Raj Misra (Kathmandu Post, 04/12/2002), King wants to bridge gap with parties: NC(D) leader (Himalayan Times, 04/12/2002), Supreme Court rules Royal actions can’t be questioned, by Manoj Rijal (Space Time Today, 04/12/2002), NC launches second phase campaign (Space Time Today, 04/12/2002), The streets are to heat up! (Telegraph, 04/12/2002), Volatile politics continues to haunt Nepal's political scene (Telegraph, 04/12/2002)

Rally in Udayapur denounces royal move (Kathmandu Post, 03/12/2002), UML game for referendum: Nepal (Himalayan Times, 03/12/2002)

Scrap royal expenditure ordinance, demand constitutional lawyers (Kathmandu Post, 02/12/2002), NC emphasises on multi-party democracy (Kathmandu Post, 02/12/2002), Pro-monarchy students' group formed (Kathmandu Post, 02/12/2002), Nepali Congress to launch protest against Royal proclamation (Kathmandu Post, 02/12/2002), Jail for Koirala, Nepal hinted at (Himalayan Times, 02/12/2002), Frustration leads political biggies to cry wolf (Himalayan Times, 02/12/2002), Lawyers assail King’s move (Himalayan Times, 02/12/2002), Elusive solution (Himalayan Times, 02/12/2002), ‘Democracy now stronger than ever as parties unite’ (Space Time Today, 02/12/2002), Learning from history: Tide can go against politicians and revolutionaries, too, by M R Josse (Space Time Today, 02/12/2002)

Waiting for light at the end of constitutional tunnel, by Ghanashyam Ojha and Yuvraj Acharya (Kathmandu Post, 01/12/2002), UML activists urged to unite against terrorism (Kathmandu Post, 01/12/2002), King-Maoists talks unlikely, says Thapa (Himalayan Times, 01/12/2002)

Palace, not the ministry, to decide royal expenditures (Kathmandu Post, 30/11/2002), Gautam warns of bloodiest conflict (Himalayan Times, 30/11/2002), Views against monarchy unfortunate, says Mandal (Space Time Today, 30/11/2002), Experts question ex-CJ's intention (Rising Nepal, 30/11/2002)

NC can go for republic, if forced: Koirala, by Sujeet Mahat (Kathmandu Post, 29/11/2002), ANNFSU to protest royal move (Kathmandu Post, 29/11/2002), Ordinances promulgated (Kathmandu Post, 29/11/2002), Parties ready to toe Koirala line to restore democracy, by Rekha Shrestha (Himalayan Times, 29/11/2002), UML, NC, Maoists and King unbending; fallout is chaos, by Ishwar Khanal (Himalayan Times, 29/11/2002), Koirala considers republican system as remedy to national woes (Space Time Today, 29/11/2002), Upadhyaya's statement draws flak (Rising Nepal, 29/11/2002), Remote control...: Why the clamour for a constituent assembly, what’s the hurry?, by C.K. Lal (Nepali Times, 29/11/2002), ...damage control, by Dhawal Shumshere J.B. Rana (Nepali Times, 29/11/2002), Crisis leadership, by Puskar Bhusal (Nepali Times, 29/11/2002), Teething problems: Let’s look beyond criticism and pessimism, by Artha Beed (Nepali Times, 29/11/2002), What are we waiting for? (Nepali Times, 29/11/2002)

Nothing new about violation of constitution by monarchy: Former CJ (Kathmandu Post, 28/11/2002), Reinstatement of House the only way out: Girija (Kathmandu Post, 28/11/2002), Retrieve lost ground, by Shreedhar Gautam (Kathmandu Post, 28/11/2002), Dragging towards all directions, by Pradeep Silwal (Kathmandu Post, 28/11/2002), Party leaders differ over Constituent Assembly (Himalayan Times, 28/11/2002), Janmorcha activists arrested (Himalayan Times, 28/11/2002), Koirala reiterates demand for restoration of House (Space Time Today, 28/11/2002), Adopt open mindedness (Space Time Today, 28/11/2002), The King has no mandate to call constituent assembly (People's Review, 28/11/2002), Present crisis due to major political parties: Chaulagain (People's Review, 28/11/2002), Leaders cannot fool people all the time (People's Review, 28/11/2002), Protests and speeches continue, so do Army-Maoist encounters, by M.R. Josse (People's Review, 28/11/2002), Koirala's delirious outburst, by Ramesh Sharma (People's Review, 28/11/2002), Politicos are cutting branch of the tree on which they rested, by I.K. Pradhan (People's Review, 28/11/2002), More Royal than Royal (People's Review, 28/11/2002), Lessons for political leaders, by Saryat Deoja (People's Review, 28/11/2002), Nepal's royalist season, by Keshav Pradhan (Hindustan Times, 28/11/2002)

'Don’t swim against the current’ is Koirala’s advice to King (Kathmandu Post, 27/11/2002), Grave danger ahead if royal error not rectified: Nepal (Kathmandu Post, 27/11/2002), Concern expressed over undermining political parties (Kathmandu Post, 29/11/2002), Koirala threatens stir, says statute is sacred (Himalayan Times, 27/11/2002), Nepal warns of confrontation (Himalayan Times, 27/11/2002), NC ready to consider constitution amendment (Space Time Today, 27/11/2002), Democracy: For The People Or Politicians ?, by Ganga Prasad Akela (Rising Nepal, 27/11/2002), Congress-Maoists allies? (Telegraph, 27/11/2002), Splits, fissures and differences in political parties continue (Telegraph, 27/11/2002), Nepali politics likely to take a different turn soon (Telegraph, 27/11/2002), NC gears up its agitation program (Telegraph, 27/11/2002)

S Asian political parties express concern over Nepal (Kathmandu Post, 26/11/2002), The palace and the parties, by Vijaya Chalise (Himalayan Times, 26/11/2002), Acts Of New Government: Positive Impression, by Mukti Rijal (Rising Nepal, 26/11/2002)

An upset IGP decides to hold on (Kathmandu Post, 25/11/2002), Parties to oppose royal move but don’t know how (Kathmandu Post, 25/11/2002), Chand Govt under fire for keeping mum on poll dates, by Ghanashyam Ojha (Kathmandu Post, 25/11/2002), Trio threatens street protests from this week (Himalayan Times, 25/11/2002), Chaos threatens Everest jubilee (Himalayan Times, 25/11/2002), National Interest: Sine Qua Non For Resolution, by Hum Lal Bhattarai (Rising Nepal, 25/11/2002)

RPP leader urges for all-party unity (Kathmandu Post, 24/11/2002), NC dub Nov 26 rally as crucial (Space Time Today, 24/11/2002), Khapangi reiterates talks with rebels (Space Time Today, 24/11/2002)

People, not King should punish leaders: Oli (Himalayan Times, 23/11/2002)

Pleasure and grief, by Yuvraj Acharya (Kathmandu Post, 22/11/2002), Uncooperative parties delaying polls: Pandey (Himalayan Times, 22/11/2002), Wrong signals (Himalayan Times, 22/11/2002), Why be afraid of a constituent assembly?, Bidhan Acharya (Himalayan Times, 22/11/2002), War of nerves: Political parties can never be discounted, by Basanta Lohani (Space Time Today, 22/11/2002), Policies must not be confined to mere sloganeering (Space Time Today, 22/11/2002), Ministers: Experience and contributions (Rising Nepal, 22/11/2002), Forging Consensus & Compromise: Ball In The Parties' Court, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (Rising Nepal, 22/11/2002), Cabinet Expansion: 'Practical' Politics, by Keshab Poudel (Spotlight, 22/11/2002), Leave Your Egos At The Door, by Sachetak (Spotlight, 22/11/2002), Donor fatigue: Has the rest of the world, too, lost hope in Nepali leaders?, by Puskar Bhusal (Nepali Times, 22/11/2002)

‘King keen for all-party understanding’ (Kathmandu Post, 21/11/2002), Fissures within RPP, NSP over cabinet expansion (Kathmandu Post, 21/11/2002), Parties stress for conciliation with King: Minister blames parties for the current ‘rift’ (Kathmandu Post, 21/11/2002), UML remains prepared for agitation: Nepal (Kathmandu Post, 21/11/2002), NSA to campaign against Royal proclamation (Kathmandu Post, 21/11/2002), Political parties: Down, not out, by Pradeep Silwal (Kathmandu Post, 21/11/2002), ‘This govt has no executive power’ (Himalayan Times, 21/11/2002), Two-day old sports minister takes on titans over polls (Himalayan Times, 21/11/2002), JPN discusses crisis (Himalayan Times, 21/11/2002), No time for rift (Himalayan Times, 21/11/2002), Need of the hour, by Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay (Himalayan Times, 21/11/2002), Some clean, efficient individuals join cabinet, by Yubanath Poudel (People's Review, 21/11/2002), Finally, UML missed the bus, by P.R. Pradhan (People's Review, 21/11/2002), King unveils Plan B as UML plays hard to get, by M.R. Josse (Himalayan Times, 21/11/2002), Samata Party extends gratitude to HM (People's Review, 21/11/2002), Meaningful phase (People's Review, 21/11/2002), Nepalese politics enters a new phase, by Ramesh Sharma (People's Review, 21/11/2002)

UML likely to challenge king’s move in streets, by Ghanashyam Ojha (Kathmandu Post, 20/11/2002), Uncalculated risk (Kathmandu Post, 20/11/2002), Cooperation or collision?, by Beena Kharel (Kathmandu Post, 20/11/2002), UML campaign to be prelude to stir on streets (Himalayan Times,20/11/2002), Donors urge govt to hold poll soon (Himalayan Times, 20/11/2002), Power puzzle (Himalayan Times, 20/11/2002), Ministers: Experiences and Expectations (Rising Nepal, 20/11/2002), On With The Tasks (Rising Nepal, 20/112002), Dangerous confusions prevail! (Telegraph, 20/11/2002), The sacked, rejected and defected ones housed in the expanded cabinet (Telegraph, 20/11/2002), The political deadlock persists! (Telegraph, 20/11/2002), Shailaja's new stance mysterious (Telegraph, 20/11/2002), "Relief" to the ministers; illusionary "package" for the people (Telegraph, 20/11/2002)

His Majesty expands cabinet: Nepali Congress, UML rebuke expansion (Kathmandu Post, 19/11/2002), New Council of Ministers (Kathmandu Post, 19/11/2002), Retrograde step: Political parties (Kathmandu Post, 19/11/2002), Power to the people ‘must’ for donors’ support, by Prem Khanal ( Kathmandu Post, 19/11/2002), Govt ready to discuss constituent assembly (Kathmandu Post, 19/11/2002), Chand gets 13 more in his team (Himalayan Times, 19/11/2002), Big tragedy (Himalayan Times, 19/11/2002), National crisis, by Ajit N S Thapa (Himalayan Times, 19/11/2002), Chand Cabinet expanded: 13 new faces added (Rising Nepal, 19/11/2002)

A delicate dance, by Suman Pradhan (Kathmandu Post, 18/11/2002), Oli, Nepal differ on joining govt (Himalayan Times, 18/11/2002), Law and order prime concern of govt: Dy PM (Himalayan Times, 18/11/2002), Ex-speaker Dhungana for constituent assembly (Himalayan Times, 18/11/2002)

Nepal demands ‘executive powers’ for Chand Govt (Kathmandu Post, 17/11/2002), Leaders hopeful of King rectifying error (Himalayan Times, 17/11/2002)

HM wants reconciliation with parties: KP Oli, by Gopal Khanal (Kathmandu Post, 15/11/2002), All-party Govt only solution: UML (Kathmandu Post, 15/11/2002), Conciliatory notes (Kathmandu Post, 15/11/2002), King discusses political scenario with Koirala (Himalayan Times, 15/11/2002), King ousted democracy, not me, says Deuba (Himalayan Times, 15/11/2002), Why we do not need a constituent assembly, by Prakash A. Raj (Himalayan Times, 15/11/2002), Disturbing Drift, by Sanjaya Dhakal (Spotlight, 15/11/2002), 'Our Problems Can Be Solved If The King And Political Parties Work Together', interview with Rabindra Nath Sharma, RPP (Spotlight, 15/11/2002), The economics of democratic decay: Like the human heart, Nepal’s hope lies slightly left of centre, by C.K. Lal (Nepali Times, 15/11/2002), Revolutionary resolve: The only people still describing this constitution as one of the world’s best are its least prominent framers, by Puskar Bhusal (Nepali Times, 15/11/2002)

The King and political parties: No alternative to working together, by Ram Bahadur KC (Himalayan Times, 14/11/2002), Towards constituent assembly: Unwilling steps towards consensus, by Narad Bharadwaj (Space Time Today, 14/11/2002), HM's fitting reply to corrupt politicians (People's Review, 14/11/2002), Politicos playing dirty games, by P.R. Pradhan (People's Review, 14/11/2002), "HM's move: Right step at right time" (People's Review, 14/11/2002), Government must act (People's Review, 14/11/2002), A month after (People's Review, 14/11/2002), Has democracy been abducted?, by P.R. Pradhan (People's Review, 14/11/2002), There will be no opposition against Royal address, interview with Narayan Man Bijukchhe, chairman of Nepal Workers' & Peasants' Party (People's Review, 14/11/2002), "People will no longer support political parties", interview with Ananda P. Shrestha, sxecutive director, NEFAS (People's Review, 14/11/2002)

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King can do wrong: Koirala (Kathmandu Post, 28/10/2002), Deuba Govt should be reinstated : NC (D) (Kathmandu Post, 28/10/2002), Koirala threatens to start stir (Himalayan Times, 28/10/2002)

Parties warn to take to street (Kathmandu Post, 27/10/2002), NC(D) workers for ouster of ‘corrupt leaders’ (Kathmandu Post, 27/10/2002), UML reiterates its stance not to join govt (Kathmandu Post, 27/10/2002), Nation, first, by Subindra Bogati (Kathmandu Post, 27/10/2002), Cabinet to weigh Maoist offer on Monday (Himalayan Times, 27/10/2002), Cabinet to weigh Maoist offer on Monday (Himalayan Times, 27/10/2002), Deuba harps that tackling terrorism isn’t incompetency (Kathmandu Post, 27/10/2002), Tharu students felicitate Dahit (Himalayan Times, 27/10/2002), Thapa likely to help Chand (Space Time Today, 27/10/2002)

Parties ask King to rectify his ‘mistakes’ (Kathmandu Post, 26/10/2002), House dissolution to pre-empt early sack: Deuba (Kathmandu Post, 26/10/2002), Minister Khapangi: Maoist talks need more time (Kathmandu Post, 26/10/2002), Koirala against constituent assembly (Kathmandu Post, 26/10/2002), Say ‘yes’ to talks (Kathmandu Post, 26/10/2002), When will violence end in Nepal ? by Aditya Man Shrestha (Kathmandu Post, 26/10/2002), All-party meet ends ‘diplomatically’ (Himalayan Times, 26/10/2002), Former Speaker wants all-party convention, constituent assembly (Himalayan Times, 26/10/2002), New minister’s vision on Maoists, by Tika R. Pradhan (Himalayan Times, 26/10/2002), Parties soften stance: Six parties meet remains inconclusive (Space Time Today, 26/10/2002), Socio-political crisis and tattered economy: Rescuing the country calls for strong commitment, by Krishna Raj Regmi (Space Time Today, 26/10/2002), Janamukti party supports government (Rising Nepal, 26/10/2002)

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NC divided over constituent assembly: Parties disagree over next course of action (Kathmandu Post, 22/10/2002), Sort out amicably (Kathmandu Post, 22/10/2002), Polls in six months if parties help: PM (Himalayan Times, 22/10/2002), Nepali Congress split on current crisis (Himalayan Times, 22/10/2002), UML will not join govt, says Nepal (Himalayan Times, 22/10/2002), Formation of new government: Politics on a perilous course, by Bijay Aryal (Himalayan Times, 22/10/2002)

King has breached the Constitution, accuses Koirala (Kathmandu Post, 21/10/2002), Acharya for constituent assembly (Kathmandu Post, 21/10/2002), The King’s imperative, by Lok Raj Baral (Kathmandu Post, 21/10/2002), Chand scores over Deuba, by Damaru Lal Bhandari (Kathmandu Post, 21/10/2002), Constituents of Chand’s govt are divided (Himalayan Times,21/10/2002), Major parties one in saying ‘no’ to PM offer (Himalayan Times, 21/10/2002), Experts question Devkota’s two jobs, by Hemkumar Dulal (Himalayan Times, 21/10/2002), No alternative (Hoimalayan Times, 21/10/2002), PM, leaders attend UML tea party: Understanding among parties emphasised (Rising Nepal, 21/10/2002)

Chand firm for polls but gives no date (Kathmandu Post, 20/10/2002), Parties want govt under Article 128 (Kathmandu Post, 20/10/2002), PM’s priority is to restore peace (Himalayan Times, 20/10/2002)

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Int’l communities’ silence over Chand’s appointment (Kathmandu Post, 18/10/2002), Dahit set to serve the people (Kathmandu Post, 18/10/2002), Nepalis in US express support, dismay over new govt, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (Kathmandu Post, 18/10/2002), Chand wooing parties to join government (Kathmandu Post, 18/10/2002), UML leader calls his cadres to the street (Kathmandu Post, 12/10/2002), Restoration of peace vital for economic recovery: New FM (Kathmandu Post, 18/10/2002), The New Government: Crucial Tasks Ahead, by Prem N. Kakkar (Rising Nepal, 18/10/2002), Parties cool to Chand’s wooing, by Ishwar Khanal (Himalayan Times, 18/10/2002), Chand’s is a lame duck cabinet, by Ananta Raj Luitel (Himalayan Times, 18/10/2002)

King Gyanendra’s call to support new government (Himalayan Times, 17/10/2002), Chinese prime minister congratulates Chand (Himalayan Times, 17/10/2002), PM seeks party support (Himalayan Times, 17/10/2002), NSP expresses gratitude (Himalayan Times, 17/10/2002), A long way to go (Himalayan Times, 17/10/2002)

Nepal: Instability rules, by Dhruba Adhikary (Asia Times, 16/10/2002)

UML terms formation of new cabinet unconstitutional (Kathmandu Post, 13/10/2002), Thapa congratulates Chand (Kathmandu Post, 13/10/2002), Social figures’ appointment raises hope, by Suvecha Pant (Kathmandu Post, 13/10/2002), Mr Clean yet to announce poll date (Himalayan Times, 13/10/2002), UML leader calls cabinet greatest joke (Himalayan Times, 13/10/2002), New cabinet gives rise to mixed feelings (Himalayan Times, 13/10/2002), Dy PM will strive to uplift Terai community (Himalayan Times, 13/10/2002)

Lokendra Bahadur Chand tipped as Prime Minister: King appoints 9-member cabinet (Kathmandu Post, 12/10/2002), PM Chand vows to restore peace, by Yuvraj Acharya (Kathmandu Post, 12/10/2002), Composition of Council of Ministers (Kathmandu Post, 12/10/2002), New cabinet unconstitutional : Legal experts (Kathmandu Post, 12/10/2002), NPC members resign en masse (Kathmandu Post, 12/10/2002), The wait continues (Kathmandu Post, 12/10/2002), Nepal gets new government, by Chitra Tiwari (Washington Post, 12/10/2002), The King's Coup, by Rita Manchanda (Frontline, 12/10/2002), King appoints new cabinet, by Sagun S. Lawoti (Himalayan Times, 12/10/2002), Both hosanna and hullabaloo over govt (Himalayan Times, 12/10/2002), New prime minister a protean figure (Himalayan Times, 12/10/2002), Bouquets for Chand (Himalayan Times, 12/10/2002), Chand appointed Prime Minister: New govt entrusted with ending anarchy (Rising Nepal, 12/10/2002), Chand: PM for fourth time (Rising Nepal, 12/10/2002)

His Majesty resumes consultation with parties (Kathmandu Post, 11/10/2002), Intellectuals ask King to reinstate parliament (Kathmandu Post, 11/10/2002), King still silent on govt (Himalayan Times, 11/10/2002), No cabinet but government work goes on (Himalayan Times, 11/10/2002), RPP hails King’s action (Himalayan Times, 11/10/2002), Give up rigidity (Himalayan Times, 11/10/2002), Political Crisis: Careening On An Unpredictable Course, by Bhagirath Yogi (Spotlight, 11/10/2002), Constitution: A New Crisis, by Keshab Poudel (Spotlight, 11/10/2002), The king’s move: How will this gambit play out?, by Rajendra Dahal (Nepali Times, 11/10/2002), The king and us (Nepali Times, 11/10/2002)

Deuba’s party to protest against his ouster (Kathmandu Post, 10/10/2002), ‘Annan hopes for early polls in accordance with Constitution’, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (Kathmandu Post, 10/10/2002), NC calls CWC meet, parties still hopeful of audience (Kathmandu Post, 10/10/2002), Intellectuals stage protest rally (Kathmandu Post, 10/10/2002), What really counts ?, by Aditya Man Shrestha (Katmandu Post, 10/10/2002), Bhutto, Sharif, Saddam and Sher Bahadur, by Shreedhar Gautam (Kathmandu Post, 10/10/2002), Reconciliation is the way out, by Pradeep Silwal (Kathmandu Post, 10/10/2002), Why unconstitutional ?, letter by P.B. Chhetri (Kathmandu Post, 10/10/2002), Protest rally organised in Pokhara (Rising Nepal, 10/10/2002), King likely to name new govt any day now (Himalayan Times, 10/10/2002), More protest rallies to be held on Oct 11 (Himalayan Times, 10/10/2002), Crucial times (Himalayan Times, 10/10/2002), Controversial Royal move, by Prakash Dahal (Himalayan Times, 10/10/2002), King has moved to put democracy on track, by Puspa Raj Pradhan (People's Review, 10/10/2002), Need to unite and support incoming government, by M.R. Josse (People's Review, 10/10/2002), Steady stream of support to Royal step (People's Review, 10/10/2002), King's initiative has upheld basic tenets of Vedic ideals, by Ramesh Sharma (People's Review, 10/10/2002), Errant politics (People's Review, 10/10/2002)

His Majesty’s decision unconstitutional, must be rectified: Parties (Kathmandu Post, 09/10/2002), New govt must be consistent with the Constitution: UK (Kathmandu Post, 09/10/2002), Rallies denounce, support Royal move (Kathmandu Post, 09/10/2002), Royal proclamation welcomed (Kathmandu Post, 09/10/2002), Nepal's major donors likely to react mildly to Deuba's ouster, by Jan Sharma (Himalayan Times, 09/10/2002), 6-party meet finalises draft for King (Himalayan Times, 09/10/2002), Building trust (Himalayan Times, 09/10/2002), King’s corrective step Grab the opportunity, by Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay (Himalayan Times, 09/10/2002), Opposition sure to Royal move! (Telegraph, 09/10/2002), King's move; interpretations galore (Telegraph, 09/10/2002), King will set the system in right track, intellectuals hope (Telegraph, 09/10/2002), Nepali democracy and its leaders exposed! (Telegraph,09/10/2002)

Parties after power: King to be told today, by Damaru Lal Bhandari & Yuvraj Acharya (Kathmandu Post, 08/10/2002), Deuba meets King (Kathmandu Post, 08/10/2002), Parties seek joint meeting with HM: NC ‘may head’ interim govt under Article 128(2) (Space Time Today, 08/10/2002), Parties to meet King on all-party govt (Himalayan Times, 08/10/2002), King’s move unconstitutional, undemocratic: UML, by Ghanashyam Ojha (Kathmandu Post, 08/10/2002), Royal consultations continue (Himalayan Times, 08/10/2002), Main party leaders seek collective audience from HM (Rising Nepal, 08/10/2002), ‘Not a coup’, US media determines, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (Kathmandu Post, 08/10/2002), US, Japan call for early polls (Himalayan Times, 08/10/2002), Indigenous nationalities propose Dr Gurung as PM (Kathmandu Post, 08/10/2002), Indigenous group proposes Harka for premiership (Himalayan Times, 08/10/2002), King’s move draws mixed reactions (Kathmandu Post, 08/10/2002), The King: A stabilising factor: Democracy has to work in harmony with monarchy, by Sangeeta Thapliyal (Space Time Today, 08/10/2002), Reporters' Club flays King's move (Himalayan Times, 08/10/2002), FNCCI welcomes the Royal move (Himalayan Times, 08/10/2002), Need for realism (Himalayan Times, 08/10/2002), Unearthing the ruts (Himalayan Times, 08/10/2002), 'Royal address appropriate', by Rajkumar K.C. (Rising Nepal, 08/10/2002)

Leaders advise HM to form all-party government: NC prefers House revival, UML for national govt, RPP pines for ‘all-sided’ govt, by Damaru Lal Bhandari & Ghanashyam Ojha (Kathmandu Post, 07/10/2002), NC (Democratic) calls for joint protest (Kathmandu Post, 07/10/2002), Royal move draws mixed reactions (Kathmandu Post, 07/10/2002), Sounds of silence, by Suman Pradhan (Kathmandu Post, 07/10/2002), Businesses hail King’s move (Kathmandu Post, 07/10/2002), King consults with senior political leaders (Space Time Today, 07/10/2002), King’s move welcomed (Space Time Today, 07/10/2002), ‘There was not much option to HM’s move’ (Space Time Today, 07/10/2002), For the good of the country (Space Time Today, 07/10/2002), Royal intervention: a necessary, logical corrective: Parties must abide by Constitution, too, by M R Josse (Space Time Today, 07/10/2002), King Gyanendra holds talks, again (Himalayan Times, 07/10/2002), Next phase (Himalayan Times, 07/10/2002), Royal move draws mixed reaction; hurrahs dominate (Himalayan Times,07/10/2002), Maoists urge joint action against royal move (Himalayan Times, 07/10/2002), NSP for consensus to overcome current crisis (Himalayan Times, 07/10/2002), UML cadre asked to be patient (Himalayan Times, 07/10/2002), The Royal takeover, by Bijay Aryal (Himalayan Times, 07/10/2002), October 4 is not December 15, by Aditya Man Shrestha (Himalayan Times, 07/10/2002), Royal promulgation draws mixed views (Rising Nepal, 07/10/2002)

Look Forward (Kathmandu Post, 06/10/2002), NCs term King’s move ‘unconstitutional, undemocratic’ (Kathmandu Post, 06/10/2002), UML, RPP favour early polls (Kathmandu Post, 06/10/2002), People resigned to what happens next (Kathmandu Post, 06/10/2002), An opportunity for political parties to reform: Ex-Amnesty chief (Kathmandu Post, 06/10/2002), Royal promulgation hailed (Kathmandu Post, 06/10/2002), King’s move draws mixed reactions from politicos: Nepali Congress holds Deuba responsible for crisis (Space Time Today, 06/10/2002), Fringe left parties flay royal move (Space Time Today, 06/10/2002), Need for seriousness (Space Time Today, 06/10/2002), King’s decision is against constitution, say parties (Himalayan Times, 06/10/2002), Shiva Sena hails King’s decision (Himalayan Times, 06/10/2002)

King removes PM Deuba, takes control: November polls deferred indefinitely (Kathmandu Post, 05/10/2002), Deuba ‘surprised’: Political parties shocked (Kathmandu Post, 05/10/2002), Legal experts cautious over King’s move (Kathmandu Post, 05/10/2002), We will not allow democratic polity to be compromised: King (Kathmandu Post, 05/10/2002), King sacks PM, puts off polls: Executive powers vested in HM Interim govt to be formed (Space Time Today, 05/10/2002), King Gyanendra commits to protect the constitution (Space Time Today, 05/10/2002), King takes over, Deuba gets boot, by Sagun S Lawoti (Himalayan Times, 05/10/2002), Troubled saga (Himalayan Times, 05/10/2002), Parties shocked, Meena Kaini (Himalayan Times, 05/10/2002), King harps on incompetence (Himalayan Times, 05/10/2002), His Majesty- address to the nation (Himalayan Times, 05/10/2002), Full text of address to the nation (Himalayan Times, 05/10/2002), Hour of reckoning (Himalayan Times, 05/10/2002), HM assumes executive powers for time being (Rising Nepal, 05/10/2002), King G does it: Stunned nation gives King Gyanendra cautious approval, by Kunda Dixit (Nepali Times, 05/10/2002)

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